The Gaps Of Hustle Culture That Can Hurt You

And Your Startup’s Growth.

Photo by Kristopher Roller

Doing Nothing Does Not Compromise Excellence

What largely has been problematic for me with hustle culture is that there’s zero respect for doing nothing. There’s little acknowledgement that hustle sometimes needs to be cushioned with nothing in order for it to actually manifest tangible accomplishment.

Stop Tinkering Because You’re Bored

Another unfortunate product of hustle culture is that when you’re constantly seeking ways to improve and grow your business, you may end up changing things that don’t need to be tinkered with. When you’re working on your business all the time, you eventually end up finding reasons to make more work for yourself, sometimes to your detriment.

Burnout Has Lifetime Repercussions

When I was building my first two businesses, hustle culture was promoted without a disclaimer of its potential negative impact. There wasn’t as much out there back then about the long-term effects and negative impact of burnout — entrepreneur mental health and self care wasn’t a mainstream conversation.

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