How To Create Customers Who Only Have Eyes For You

You can’t just be pretty anymore to rise above your competitors. You need brains too.

Chase Fade

Have a pick-up line that starts a conversation

This pick-up line is a hook conversation that you’re known for, or a conversation that gives others an impression of what the brand’s about, right away.

  1. Identify who you do it for. Niche down very specifically to who this customer is, and double down on the “who” definition by adding a personality dimension or characteristic that clearly helps your customer recognize themselves in your pick-up line. There’s nothing more flattering than being personally pointed out as the center of someone’s attention.

Have a voice you can pick out of a crowd

Let’s say your pick-up line caught someone’s attention. Now that you’ve hooked them, you have to show them what you sound like when you talk.

  1. Never stray from this personality. Embody them fully through every channel of your brand. Just like any person, there are multiple layers to them — for extra credit and a dash of special sauce hit on these layers through your voice and content.
  2. Have an opinion. No one falls in love with the guy who answers “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” every time they’re asked a serious question. We all love personality and people who have spent the internal time to articulate something important to say. Those who spark something in us whenever they talk are usually those we remember and want to hang around.

Have go-to topics you like to talk about

You may have noticed this on podcasts if you’ve heard someone who’s about to release a new book do an interview on multiple podcasts. They usually talk about 2–3 core conversation topics repeatedly, across multiple podcasts.

  1. Write out salient points and an extended narrative you can use when speaking on 2–3 of your strongest topics.
  2. Repeat these topics and their narratives across multiple platforms of your brand including, but not limited to your: website, social platforms, email marketing, podcast marketing, and wherever else that’s relevant.

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