How Privilege Leaves BIPOC Entrepreneurs Behind

Delays and challenges experienced by founders of color and its impact on their startups.

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Delayed Start Of Asset Building

I was the first person on my mom’s side of the family to go to college in the US — I was the “experiment” that had to figure out what I had to do to get into a college and what happens when you’re actually in college. At the time, no one connected the dots to link me with my older cousins on my dad’s side of the family to coach me through this experience.

Building Social Capital From Scratch

Social capital is to me, the big kahuna of privilege. Social capital provides a bottomless well of opportunities in a way that financial and knowledge capital may definitively end.

Overcoming Financial Blocks

Although I had the privilege of accessing a small amount of financial capital when it came to seed funding for my businesses, I was severely lacking when it came to actually possessing the proper mindset to steward and grow the money I did receive.

Flipping The Script To Move Forward

As I’ve been exploring these contrasting starting points between myself and other entrepreneurs, I’ve been thinking deeply about what I’ve learned from this experience.

I create moneymaking brands with womxn entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for mediocre.

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