How Discounts Are Fueling Your Startup’s Identity Crisis

Why you should think twice before putting your products on sale.

Photo by Noah Buscher
  1. Pricing tells you who your customers are.
  2. Fussing with your pricing too many times tips these scales and can leave you identity-less and customer-less.

The Brand That’s Always On Sale

Throwing a sales event when you’re low on cash is not a beneficial use of discounting. In my mind, this type of discounting produces short term gains for long term losses. Although the immediate cash may help your business, it can inflict damage on how your brand is perceived amongst your customers.

Can You Replicate Your Sales Numbers?

Another downfall of throwing sales too soon or too many times is that you lose the opportunity to build a consistent revenue model. A consistent revenue model allows you to collect a paycheck every month, prove that your business works, and give you the solid ground to start growing the business (and turning a profit!).

I create moneymaking brands with womxn entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for mediocre.

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