Content prompts for when you run out of ideas

Content creation can feel like an overwhelming bottleneck if you have trouble sourcing new ideas. It can back up your whole marketing game if your ideas well is dry, and leave you out of touch with your audience.

This is no bueno if you have a business to run — you don’t have time to waste contemplating content. Whether you’re hitting an inspiration wall or you need a content ideas boost, here’s a cheat sheet with starting points to help create an abundance of content for your ideas well.


We love watching transformation videos where we see someone go from drab to glam through a makeup glow up or wardrobe overhaul. The transformation theme carries multiple shows on TV right now — home renovations, singing competitions, and survivor shows are beloved. We love witnessing the story of someone going through a transformation and enjoy this style of content no matter the account.

Use this style for your content by picking out which transformations your customer would aspire towards — it can be as simple as a well-organized kitchen to as big as calling in a future life partner. Show or explain how someone would go from 0 to 1 through your product or service in reaching this transformation.

Reveal A Secret

We like being in-the-know about things, especially for creations and feats we don’t understand how to tackle. We want *all* the secrets, hacks, and playbooks.

Use the reveal-a-secret method to create enticing content. This can be as simple as revealing your business’ special recipe to make your best-selling earrings, how you go about photoshopping unfortunately lighted photos for a website, or the formula you use to help customers write their mission statements. The more on the nose it is to your customer’s pain point, the juicier the content will be.

Tutor Someone

When no content ideas come to mind, tutoring someone is the easiest way to create quick content.

Whether you’re teaching your audience the benefits behind the environmentally-friendly packaging you use for all of your products, the smartest ways to create an online business from scratch, or how someone can style your dresses in five different ways — you can create endless variations of this content.

Just make sure that you’re tutoring your audience on questions that they’ve asked you before or that you anticipate they will ask you.

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