3 Lessons On How To Become A Viral Brand In 4 Short Years

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Lars Crommelinck

Billie Eilish is an 18-year old pop star who’s grown a 52.9 million fan base within 4 short years.

I think Billie’s the perfect case study of what to do when creating a new brand, especially if you’re launching your small business in current times.

Between 2017 and 2018, Billie Eilish’s Instagram audience grew from 257K to 6.3 million. At the time of this piece, she’s now at 52.9 million followers.

In my opinion, her insane audience growth is a result of branding that you’re either mesmerized by or absolutely loathe. She’s polarizing, and it works.

Below are three ways…

What startups that don’t get funded by VCs and angel investors should focus on.

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Matt Collamer

This is Part II of a two-parter. If you missed what you *shouldn’t* be doing in years 1–3, find that post here.

I think that there’s a lack of humanity in how Silicon Valley startups look at user acquisition.

It’s all so numbers and data-heavy, and you rarely see these founders having deep discussions about how their audience feels about them, or how to get their audience to fall in love with them. They talk about numbers way more than talking about the human emotions that ride behind user acquisition.

It’s all CPA, attrition, burn rate, and not as much…

What startups that don’t get funded by VCs and angel investors should not do.

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Me destroying all the startup “should’s”. Image by GIPHY.

This is Part I of a two-parter. I’ll share what you *should* be doing in years 1–3 next week.

When I have the opportunity to coach an entrepreneur through building a new business from scratch, our first order of business is to remove all the bullsh*t “should’s” that startup culture tells entrepreneurs to populate onto their to-do list.

Here’s the image a lot of entrepreneurs have in their head of what they should be doing when they have a new business idea: 1) dream up idea 2) write a business plan and pitch deck 3) look for investors 4) build…

Concerted actions you can take to put your business on a success timeline.

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Annie Spratt

Anxiety has a pretty strong presence in most entrepreneurs’ lives. When we’ve birthed and planted a new idea, we anxiously wait for our business to break the surface of the soil.

Even though there are roots building and anchoring beneath the surface, we are impatient for people to notice and witness our progress. We want that plant to make a serious entrance when it shows itself, and we want people to know that what we’ve been building is worth admiring and is destined for success.

We become anxious when we’re unaware of where we are on this timeline — is…

Meaningful, random reflections from an entrepreneur adamant about using personal growth to become a stronger business owner and overall human

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Photo by Castner Photography

I turned a year older this week, so I am naturally pretty reflective right now.

This year of reflection has been different from past years, I feel like my wisdom actually has character to it now. I’ve acquired milestones and lessons that have taken the time to age and cure into meaningful reflections for others, rather than angry ramblings.

Rather than hold on to these reflections just for my benefit, here are some of those meaningful, random reflections, from the perspective of an entrepreneur who has been in it for 14+ years, and has been adamant about using personal growth…

It’s 2021 — time to send marketing emails that don’t suck. Consider this your crash course on finally making your emails exciting and open-worthy.

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Milo Bauman

Let me preface this conversation with a blunt observation: most of the emails in your inbox suck.

The majority of businesses, no matter how big they are have terrible, uninteresting email marketing strategies.

It’s actually somewhat rare to find a business that knows what they’re doing when it comes to email marketing. So while you’re reading these points I’ve listed below, recognize that yes, most of the marketing emails that are landing in your inbox right now are committing these email marketing crimes.

If you follow my steps to help remedy these common email marketing mistakes, you’ll stand out amongst…

If money wasn’t the reason why you built your business in the first place, why are you using it as the sole indicator of your success?

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Ian Schneider

It’s exhausting how intensely success is correlated with money when you’re an entrepreneur. All the headlines you see in magazines and clickbaity articles revolve around the entrepreneur who raised or made an insane amount of capital in a short sprint of time.

Money isn’t a great benchmark of success however if money wasn’t the reason why you started your business in the first place.

Many of us started our businesses because we saw a way to measurably do something better than it’s currently being done, or we saw a way to improve people’s lives drastically through our product or service…

Does your business take a hit whenever there’s an algorithm change on your marketing platforms? Here’s how to get around this.

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Prateek Katyal

First off, let me be clear that there’s really no way to beat a platform’s algorithm. This won’t be a how-to on how you can finagle Instagram’s algorithm or “secrets” to show up first in a feed.

You can try to stay on top of algorithm changes and adjust your behavior accordingly, but that in my opinion, is an uphill battle and not the best use of your business’ time or energy.

Many of you have businesses that heavily…

Step 1: Look at what your competitors are doing and do the complete opposite.

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Jakob Owens

Creating content for your brand blows if you don’t have a recipe to bake good content every week.

It is actually the most burdensome task to pull content out of your brain when you don’t have excited inspiration behind it — the struggle of getting something out in writing, and then feeling like you didn’t put your best face out there is a double whammy of regret that’s not pleasant to sit with.

On top of this, creating content is competitive now — you need to craft content that grabs people’s attention in a way that feels authentic. You basically…

You can’t just be pretty anymore to rise above your competitors. You need brains too.

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Chase Fade

We’re in a golden age of content where you can’t get away with just being pretty to hold a customer’s attention.

Instagram helped steward the age of pretty — functioning as the prime home where pretty content could live. It has, however, now evolved into a platform where you have to be pretty and have brains to stand out.

You have to be witty, funny, influential, inspiring, or entertaining or you’ll exit out of someone’s attention while they’re on their daily scroll. …

Sophia Sunwoo

I create moneymaking brands with womxn entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for mediocre. www.ascent-strategy.com

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