5 Email Mistakes You’re Making That’s Killing Your Marketing

It’s 2021 — time to send marketing emails that don’t suck. Consider this your crash course on finally making your emails exciting and open-worthy.

Milo Bauman

1. You call your emails a newsletter.

It’s 2021, please do not call your emails a newsletter.

2. Your emails are not exclusive.

If I already saw your email content on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I pretty much don’t have a reason to open your email.

3. You have uninteresting subject lines.

Here are some samples of the terrible email subject lines in my inbox right now:

4. You only email when you want something.

You know that friend or work colleague that butters you up asking how you’re doing and promptly follows up asking for something?

5. You aren’t consistent.

You want to deliver content on a weekly basis so that you form a relationship with your audience, and consistently show up for when they’re ready and on the market to purchase your product or service.

I create moneymaking brands with womxn entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for mediocre. www.ascent-strategy.com

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